API Days Paris

I travelled to Paris the day before the conference with Matt and we got to the Hotel in the evening, later than expected as we’d not considered traffic when getting a taxi in to Paris from the airport, I think next time I’d probably take the train in. We then met up with Tom and found a local restaurant/bar to have dinner. As the API Days conference started at 1 o’clock the next day and I was up early I was able to do a bit of sight-seeing before heading back to the hotel to get on with some work and make sure I was ready for my session later that day.
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In the afternoon Laura and I did a ‘garden to glass’ experience at the Hotel, just the two of us, where Diego took us first around the gardens of the hotel to see their sustainability at work and the different plants they grow and how they can be used. We took a basket around with us and gathered lots of sprigs of herbs, flowers and even wild blackberries. In the gardens we also met Floriana who oversees the gardens at the Belmar who we talked to about natural pest control and composting.
After a delicious breakfast at Belmar, this time I had the breakfast sandwich of pesto, avocado, egg and roast peppers, we were picked up by the Selvatura transport to take us to the hanging bridges tour. We got there early and were assigned to a guide to take us around the park. He took us backwards around in order to avoid the other groups which seemed to work really well! We started the tour with a Coati coming across a mini bridge to us before admiring more of the beautiful cloud forest flora.
Finca Madre Tierra was the first carbon-neutral farm in Costa Rica and we were really excited to visit and learn more about it. We met at reception at 2pm to travel with Oscar, one of the people who run the farm, to travel to the farm, which was about 25 minutes away from the hotel. When we arrived, we were greeted by the farm dogs and the sounds of the animals who after washing our hands we went inside the barn to meet.
Early start for a quick breakfast (I had a delicious home-made granola with chia and coconut milk) and then meet our driver at 7am to take us to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. We had a private guide for the walk around the reserve with whom we saw lots of things and heard lots of birds - nightingale, ‘squeaky-door bird (Solitaire), toucanettes and quetzal. Golden-browed Chlorofonia White-nosed Coati Uncoiling tree ferns Abi spotted a female Quetzal.