API Days - Paris

I travelled to Paris the day before the conference with Matt and we got to the Hotel in the evening, later than expected as we’d not considered traffic when getting a taxi in to Paris from the airport, I think next time I’d probably take the train in. We then met up with Tom and found a local restaurant/bar to have dinner. As the API Days conference started at 1 o’clock the next day and I was up early I was able to do a bit of sight-seeing before heading back to the hotel to get on with some work and make sure I was ready for my session later that day.
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New York

The next morning I was up early and decided to head first to the High Line - a park/walkway created from an historic raised rail line which goes along the West Side of Manhatten. It’s fantastic to see the way the plants have been selected and seeing trees growing in between the old tracks with different sections having distinct settings from wild prairy to wooded sections providing a relaxed park atmosphere with a unique historic character to it.