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This weekend, to mark our 40th birthdays we planted Giant Sequoias with One Life One Tree at their planting site near Abergavenny. Sequoias are the world’s largest growing tree species and capture up to 10x more carbon per hectare than a traditional woodland, so should capture the equivalent of a person’s lifetime carbon footprint. The site in Abergavenny was previously a commercial woodland grown as a mono-culture so the projects involvement there will increase biodiversity on the site with the planting of Sequoias along with the additional native species they will be planting alongside them.
We had a fantastic weeks holiday up in the Peak District staying in Hathersage. We fitted in lots of exploring of the surrounding area, but still a lot more to see and do. On the way up to the Peak District, we visited my parents for a couple of days before heading on further. From there we stopped at Hardwick Hall on the way where we started with lunch before looking around the hall.
As jobs are often short running and finish before you can check anything within the pod, often it’s helpful to make the pod run for longer to be able to inspect the environment and re-run the job manually. One way to do this is to extract the yaml definition for a previous run of the job and create a pod definition replacing the command with an endless sleep. kubectl get pod {previous-job-pod} -o yaml > pod.

First Potatoes

3 July 2021
Today I harvested our first row of potatoes from our raised beds: Quite pleased with them, and looking forward to tasting them!

API Connect Reserved instance provides the ability to add remote API gateways so that you can co-locate the gateway service with your back-end systems for improved performance. With the new announcement of IBM Cloud Satellite, you can make use of this to securely expand your API Connect footprint across cloud providers and into the on-premise datacenter close to where your applications are running.

Currently the v10 Reserved Instance of API Connect doesn’t yet have a simple approach for headless use of the CLI toolkit. The following details how to use an IBM Cloud IAM bearer token with the API Connect CLI and REST API in a headless environment such as a CI/CD pipeline.