Nova at Cams Estate


Ulva is a community owned island with a current population of 6 people. The first experience visiting Ulva is the ferry which you summon using by sliding the indicator on the ferry board to show red. I didn’t initially spot this, but Kai and Laura did and managed to summon the ferry for us - otherwise we’d have been waiting a long time! This ferry is for passengers only and is a very short crossing across from Mull.
Staffa and Lunga boat trip
We headed up to Tobermory early on Tuesday morning for the StaffaTours Staffa & Treshnish Isles wildlife tour which is only available during the summer until the Puffins leave Treshnish. We were fortunate to catch them as the guide told us it would likely only be a few more days before the pufflings fledged. Tobermory coloured houses After we’d headed out from Tobermory the crew were alerted to a pod of dolphins a little off our route, so we took a slight detour to see them.
Central Mull
For our first day on Mull we decided we’d head out and explore the central loop of the island in the car following a route described in the brochure in the farmhouse. This gave us our first real insight to driving in Mull as most of the roads are single track with passing places - although the passing places are very frequent so you can almost always see one ahead of you.
Scotland 2023
Scotland 2023 28 Jul - Glasgow 29 Jul - 5 Aug - Isle of Mull 30 Jul - Central Mull 31 Jul - Aros park 1 Aug - Staffa & Lunga tour 2 Aug - Iona 3 Aug - Ulva 4 Aug - Lochbuie Loch Lomond - 5 - 8 Aug 6 Aug - Inversnaid
We met my parents at Avebury and spent the day exploring the ancient landscape around the area. Avebury is one of the best preserved Neolithic monuments in Europe and is believed to have been constructed between 3100 BC - 2000 BC. The site consists of a large henge, or circular ditch, surrounded by a stone circle, two inner circles and two additional semi-circles outside the main ring. From there we walked along the West Kennet Avenue and up over the fields.
Lambda Integration in IBM API Connect on AWS

This blog post will provide you an overview of our Lambda integration in API Connect on AWS, what you could use it for and a simple worked example of setting this up. If you’d prefer you can watch me demonstrate this in our video on YouTube.

Lambda is serverless computing platform provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) which lets you build and deploy your code in a number of different programming languages with easy integrations to AWS services without having to manage infrastructure or servers. This makes it an ideal place to build out your API implementation and when you combine this with our API Connect on AWS SaaS offering you can quickly build, manage and socialise your APIs without worrying about the infrastructure behind them.

Using our Lambda policy in the SaaS service makes this simple and straight forward to integrate these so you can build out your apis around numerous different AWS services then manage them centrally through API Connect, sharing them with consumers through our customisable developer portal.

Extending our sample API with conditionals and mocking
Video demo showing how you can use conditional logic and mocking in API Connect on AWS using our sample order tracking API as an example.
IBM Tech 2023 - Dubai
IBM Tech 2023 was a celebration event in Dubai

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