Lambda Integration in IBM API Connect on AWS


Extending our sample API with conditionals and mocking
Video demo showing how you can use conditional logic and mocking in API Connect on AWS using our sample order tracking API as an example.
IBM Tech 2023 - Dubai
IBM Tech 2023 was a celebration event in Dubai
API Days - Paris
I attended API Days in Paris to run a workshop on AI in API Testing, help man the API Connect stand and a couple of Smart Talks.
Workshop: Applying AI to API Testing across the lifecycle
I hosted a workshop at API Days in Paris about increasing developer productivity by applying AI to API Testing.
Workshop: Testing APIs to prevent the most common security vulnerabilities
I ran a workshop at API Days London showing how you can use API Testing to test for the OWASP top 10 API Security vulnerabilities.
Invoke IBM Cloud Functions from API Connect
Blog post describing how you can integrate your IBM Cloud functions into API Connect so they can be managed and socialised along with your other APIs.
Webinar: Automating API Development through DevOps
For the third webinar in our series ‘API Design Master Class’ I showed how you can use CI/CD with API Connect to manage your API deployments.
20 years of fun and adventure
2002 - Wedding 2003 - Malta 2004 - Iguazu 2005 - Greece 2006 - Abi 2007 - Cornwall 2008 - Malta 2009 - Jessica 2010 - Portsmouth 2011 - Torquay 2012 - Olympics 2013 - New Year's Eve 2014 - London 2015 - Majorca 2016 - Valencia 2017 - Nice 2018 - Lake Garda 2019 - Switzerland 2020 - Gosport 2021 - New Forest 2022 - Costa Rica

Ricky Moorhouse

I live in the south of England with my wife and two children. I work at IBM as a Cloud Architect for API Connect cloud services. I enjoy running, walking, photography and spending time with my family.