As I hadn’t adapted to Central time and still waking up close to UK time I headed out early and drove down to Galveston Island to try and see the local brown pelicans. In Galveston, they get both the brown pelicans, and the invasive white pelicans which have tried to take over. There is a vast length of beach along the island, and it was so peaceful in the early morning, with just the birds (and the bird watchers) about!
Here are a few of the bees that have visited our garden so far this weekend: Bee from rickymoorhouse on Vimeo.
We had a lovely holiday last week at Center Parcs - we’d booked it almost a year ago to make use of the discount they give if you rebook within 28 days of getting home so we were looking forward to it for a long time! It was so different to last time we went, as last time Abi was only tiny and not yet moving around, so we carried her around in the sling most of the time.