lvextend -L +2G /dev/basevg/var_lib_mysql Add 2GB to the logical volume var_lib_mysql in basevg resize2fs /dev/basevg/var_lib_mysql Resize the filesystem /dev/basevg/var_lib_mysql Other useful commands: vgs list volume groups lvs list logical volumes
du -m | sort -nr | head du -m summarises disk usage from current path recursively (in megabytes) sort -nr sorts the output numerically in reverse head restricts output to the top 10 lines adapted from Linux Reviews
Just recording this so I can find it again! ` nandu:~ # lvextend -L +2G /dev/basevg/opt Extending logical volume opt to 5.00 GB Logical volume opt successfully resized **nandu:~ #** resize_reiserfs _/dev/basevg/opt_ resize_reiserfs 3.6.19 (2003 resize_reiserfs: On-line resizing finished successfully. **nandu:~ #** `