For a while I’ve been meaning to write up the details of the Raspberry Pi weather station that I have built with my eldest daughter. This project builds on a number of examples I’ve seen across the internet, particularly sensing the weather. This details how our system is put together. Temperature monitoring We took two temperature sensors and mounted them in a garden post with one pushed down to the bottom for soil temperature and one in the cap for the air temperature.
When we set up our office earlier in the year I decided on a standing desk which I put together using the Ikea Algot system. In order to avoid using up desk space with a light I originally planned on a clip on light but then saw my Pi Zero and Unicorn pHat and thought they could make a good alternative. Hardware The Raspberry Pi Zero is in a simple case, mounted onto the underside of the shelf above my working space.

Traffic Pi

Using my Raspberry Pi, Piglow and the traffic API feeds I have created a script to give me a visual representation of the journey time to work. This gives me an idea of the traffic before I leave the house in the morning, or so that when I’m working at home I can look at it and see how glad I am that I’m not sitting in traffic on the way to work :)