Systems Bar

Systems Bar Screenshot

New systems bar for HostDB shows the number of systems with actions required and has quick links to recent system records viewed.

Folder and Business Card

I designed these for Polventon House Care Home to be given to social workers so that they had information to hand about what care is available at Polventon. One key thing to communicate was that Assisted Living is also available alongside the care home.

The business card was created first so that they could be ordered quickly from Vistaprint and have them available to give to people. Then I started work on the folder design to go with them. The folder was originally sketched out on paper before creating an initial mockup in Paint Shop Pro. If I ever find the sketch again, I’ll add it to this post.

The next stage was the most tricky part of the project - choosing where to get the folders printed. This is because it would make quite a difference to creating the final artwork design due to different printing companies using different templates and styles of folders. In the end we agreed on folderprinting.co.uk.

Once we had decided on the printer I could start work on the final copy of the artwork - to be provided to the printers in PDF form. For this I used the open source desktop publishing package Scribus, which took a bit of getting used to, but is very powerful once you get used to how it is designed to be used. This allowed me to import the pdf templates for the folder and create my artwork on top.

Folder design in Scribus