Great South Run weekend is here! Today we had the 5k run which Laura, Anne and Des took part in and all did very well, and Abi’s 1.5k Mini Run - even Jessica was enjoying running on the race track they had there and is keen to do the mini run next time round.

Now all that’s left is my one tomorrow - I’m going to be running the 10 mile Great South Run for the first time to raise money for gain. If the technology works you should be able to watch live at and you can sponsor me at . I’ll update this again tomorrow after the race!

My run went well - I really enjoyed it and there was a fantastic atmosphere around the course.  I managed to beat my target and come in with a time of 1:59:42

Mini Great South Run

This morning I had fun doing the mini great south run with Abi, unfortunately RunKeeper crashed as we went through the start line but I think we did the 1.5k in roughly 11minutes. She had a great time and did it with a mixture of running at a good pace and then walking for a little bit until she saw too many people overtake, then she would pick up pace and dive through gaps in front of her. She enjoyed the stretch on grass much more than the road and path sections and was thrilled with her medal at the end.