We're Expecting!

14 May 2006

It’s very exciting, Laura is now 19 weeks pregnent so we’re nearly halfway there. We’re due on October 6th, although the scans have put it a bit later so we’ll see. It’s been so amazing to see our little baby on the scans and how (s)he’s growing.

12 Week Scan 16 Week Scan

On my birthday as we settled down to watch “The Legend of Zorro” we both felt the baby kick for the first time (although Laura had felt movements earlier) - what a nice birthday present! Since then, there’s been a lot more kicking and moving, and it’s been wonderful to feel it from time to time. This morning at church just as the preacher was coming to the end of the Sermon, he was talking about being a willing volunteer for God - and the baby got quite excited and started moving and kicking quite a bit - it was almost like it was a response