Waterfalls and faith

7 January 2004

Slept really well! Had a coffee before going to the devotional on Galatians. There was scrambled egg at breakfast - really tasty! The study on John was interesting - particularly looking at the man by the pool - did he have faith? Not before being healed - it’s not necessary to have faith in order to be healed - faith is a gift from God - it’s not something you do. After lunch we went to the waterfall just a little way up the road - it was a bit of a climb up to it, but well worth it! Went swimming in the pool when we got back. The panoramic vision of the bible seemed to race through a bit for me today, but I still just about managed to follow it and get a lot from it. I tried to walk back to the cabin on my own at night - but I went the wrong way, heard wolves in the forest and saw bats flying past me.