Belkin Technical Support

10 September 2004

The other day we were looking at buying a wireless PCMCIA card for Laura’s laptop, so that she can use it at the university and at home with out new Belkin Wireless Router, which has been working well with my work Thinkpad since we got it set up. I liked the idea of getting a Belkin network card so that it is the same as the router, but according to the information I found online it doesn’t support WPA - apart from an addition to the manual on the Belkin site that tells you how to configure WPA with the card. I then decided to phone up their pre-sales technical support line to check on this and I got through to an advisor immediately without being put in a queue. Also the guy I spoke to knew everything I needed to find out about the card without having to look it up on the system somewhere - Very impressive com,pared to a lot of technical support departments!