Christmas in Uruguay

27 December 2003

Well we’ve survived Christmas in Uruguay -actually it was really nice. On Christmas Eve we went to 2 services -one in the barrio and one at the parish, which were both really nice. Although quite exhausting particularly with playing guitar for 2 songs (Cristianos vayamos - to the tune of “Oh Come all Ye faithful” and Nochede Paz - “Silent Night”) in each and trying to lead a song when I’d got different words + number of verses to everyone else!! Then we went with Jose and 2 of his grandchildren to his house before going on to the party at their house. The party was nice as it was just us, Jose, Pablo,Carmin and the two children. We watched the children open their presents and then ate party food until it got to midnight. Then we went outside to watch the fireworks which were amazing! Looking over the river to Concordia we could see fireworks going off all across the city. After the fireworks, we went back in for dessert. On Christmas Day we opened our presents and phoned our families first thing in the morning. Then we went to Alba’s for Christmas lunch which was: a starter of a sort of swiss roll - but instead of Jam had Olives and Ham (the Uruguayans tend to like combining sweet and savory) followed by chicken with salad and the dessert was lovely - it was strawberry’s and pieces of cake in a syrup with some sort of spirits init topped of with cream!