This afternoon we took the girls to the New Theatre Royal to watch Treasure Island, thanks to winning tickets in their twitter competition. The set was really impressive with so many different things to spot with Abi before the show started, and had a fantastic ship’s bridge, which doubled as the tavern entrance. The show started with the beating of a drum and a fiddle player on stage, then the musicians took over and it developed into a big opening number, a combination which returned several times throughout, making great use of rhythmic elements intertwining with music from the excellent musicians.
We had a lovely holiday last week at Center Parcs - we’d booked it almost a year ago to make use of the discount they give if you rebook within 28 days of getting home so we were looking forward to it for a long time! It was so different to last time we went, as last time Abi was only tiny and not yet moving around, so we carried her around in the sling most of the time.