Looking back on 2011

1 January 2012

  • Greg and Poppy’s wedding in February with the girls as bridesmaids.
  • My 30th birthday and combined birthday celebrations with my mum’s 60th in the Cotswolds at the end of April.
  • Going to the London Men’s Convention with Des and some of the men from church.
  • Starting to get into gardening and growing lots of tomatoes.
  • Holiday to Malta with Des where the girls swimming really took off greatly.
  • Our summer Hampshire pass, visiting some of the sites around - and especially our family trip to Basingstoke to visit Basing House and Milestones museum
  • Our lovely anniversary weekend in Torquay thanks to Anne and Des.
  • Abi starting school and her space party for her birthday
  • Visiting the Royal Landscape and meeting up with Linda and Dave on their way back to Canada