Reducing our plastic use

21 April 2018

Over the last few months we’ve started to try and reduce our use of plastics - especially single use plastics. Here are some of the areas where we’ve made changes.

Reusable drinks containers/straws

We’ve been making an effort to take our reusable cups, bottles and stainless steel straws with us when we’re out and about - and if we don’t have them asking for drinks in non-plastic cups.

Refillable Splosh cleaning

Splosh is the great new way to buy essentials like washing up liquid, laundry detergent and surface cleaners. It’s great value, more convenient than the supermarkets and miles better for the environment.You can read all about it on their website. If you use this special code 151F69 when you buy from Splosh you’ll get money off your first order.

Milk bottles

We’ve started to have milk (and occasionally juice) delivered by milk and more in glass bottles, which can then be returned for reuse.

Present wrapping

For birthdays and Christmas we’ve tried to wrap presents with tissue paper and string or reusing paper - for any wrapping material we’ve bought we tried to avoid the foil and laminated papers.

Soap instead of shower gel

Another area we seem to end up with a lot of un-necessary plastic is shower gels and shampoos so I’ve been attempting to reduce this with bar soap. The soap works well in place of shower gel and also can replace shaving foam but I’ve not found one thats a good shampoo substitute yet. The other issue with soaps is a lot of the soaps themselves are packaged in plastic as well so avoiding that adds another complication to it.

Supermarket awareness

Not buying drinks in plastic bottles. Choosing individual vegetables over prepackaged ones and not putting them in bags for weighing. Choosing drinks in glass bottles or cans instead of plastic.