Automatically publish your API when you push to github

12 December 2015

Updated 11th October 2016 for API Connect

In less than half an hour I could update my project to automatically publish my API in IBM API Connect - Here’s the steps…

Sign up for API Connect through Bluemix by creating an API Connect service instance - if you don’t already have a Bluemix account you can sign up for a free trial account.

Install and configure the new toolkit CLI - replacing eu with au or us if you chose a different bluemix region:

npm install -g apiconnect 
apic config:set
apic login

Create a product definition for your API:

apic create --type product --title "Travel Information" --apis product.yaml

Adjust the product definition as needed in your favourite editor

Add the x-ibm-configuration extensions to your swagger document to configure what happens when someone calls the API - in my case invoke the backend API

  enforced: true
  phase: realized
  testable: true
    enabled: true
      - invoke:
          title: invoke
          target-url: '<backend url>'

Now switch over to your CodeShip account, load your project and go to the Deployment section of your project.

Add a custom script option and confiigure the following script (adding your details as needed):

npm install -g apiconnect
apic config:set
apic login -u <username> -p <password>
apic config:set organization=<org>
apic push docs/swagger.yaml
apic stage --catalog=sb docs/travel-information.yaml
apic publish --catalog=sb docs/travel-information.yaml</code>

Commit and push to your repository and your updated API will be pushed to API Management! - Here is my example API

If you don’t already have a CodeShip account you can sign up to CodeShip with your github account and create link in your github repository. You can then set up the tests and deployment steps in the project settings.