Blog hosting wonderings...

24 June 2013

A while back I had an e-mail from my web hosting company saying they were increasing the price for the package I was using. This got me thinking about whether the route I’d taken for hosting was the best option and if I’m getting my money’s worth there. For reference I had a reseller hosting package, hosting a few sites for family members using not very much disk space or bandwidth - certainly not near the allowance on the package. So I started thinking about what I would do if it was just my site, and this is my thinking out loud/somewhere to document my ideas/findings:


After considering a few options including, github pages,, my Raspberry Pi and various static site generators - I decided to move my sites to run on a Droplet at DigitalOcean which gives me the flexibility I want for my site, whilst still being able to host the other sites in the same place.

Currently I’m still using WordPress for my blog, but I’m experimenting with a static site generator for the next round of changes :)