What's been going on...

12 June 2007


Abi's first taste of Linux Abi has reached a stage where she’s very mobile and getting more adventurous by the day which is lots of fun. She can now crawl really well and will explore the room we’re in and venture into the rooms on either side on her own. She’s also been sleeping much better - last night she slept through till 5.10, had some milk and is back asleep now. I guess all the activity is tiring her out. She’s recently started to laugh in her sleep as well, which is really cute. She also now seems to eat almost as much as us for some meals!


I’m currently helping out with some Linux support alongside my normal work developing, maintaining and supporting HostDB. This has mainly involved installs, upgrades and Linux admin tasks. Soon I’m going to be getting involved in some portal development which I’m looking forward to learning.


With the money I got for my birthday, I bought myself a new camera - the Panasonic Lumix FZ7, so I’ve been taking lots of random photos. Lots of these are of Abi, but there’s also general randomness as I explore its features - some of which are on flickr (also in my timeline).


Laura and I have been marketing her parents Cornish holiday cottage, through the web. Firstly we built the website, and then we’ve been exploring advertising it in different ways. So far ebay seems to be by far the best at bringing us enquiries / bookings. It’s been really interesting to do and Google Analytics Visits has been great for seeing what is happening with the site. I might right a bit more about our findings later on.


For a while I’ve been thinking about developing a web application for storing and sharing bible study notes. The intention is that it will use the ESV API and have some or all of the following features:

The Bible

Currently I’ve been playing with a prototype as a facebook platform application, as that will provide the login and networking functions for me. If you have any ideas or want to join in - let me know! So far it only does the first two of the list above, but want to try it, it’s at http://apps.facebook.com/bible_esv/