Lawn in a lunch break

10 August 2007

After a lot of annoyances with the rubber mulch that we’d decided on previously for our garden: Abi nearly choking on a piece of mulch; Cats using it as a litter tray; and it loosing it’s colour; we decided we’d try a lawn instead. So last Friday I spent my lunch break laying a new lawn in our back garden.

I worked from home for the day so that I could be here for the delivery and to make it easier to get the turf down quickly. By 9 o’clock, the turf had arrived from Denmead Turf and I’d moved it all through to the back garden ready to start so at lunchtime I decided it was worth making a start at laying it and see how it went. The turf went down easily, I really enjoyed it and it was amazing the difference it makes (photos to follow)! Then we had to water it in and make sure it had plenty of water while it settled, which initially we did with a hose, but then decided it was worth getting a sprinkler to give it a better more even covering.

The Lawn Close up of edging Sprinkler in action