Fun at feeding time

9 April 2007

Abi’s now been on solids for over a month, and it’s been great fun feeding her them. Now that she’s 6 months, she can have pretty much anything, although we’re still being careful and introducing things individually. She’s so far had lots of purees - both vegetables - butternut squash, carrot, parsnip, potato, sweet potato, broccoli and courgette - mixed in various interesting combinations and also lots of fruit - she particularly seems to like banana and apple (not together - don’t think we’ve tried that yet!). This week she tried natural yoghurt for the first time - which she loved - really odd as we thought it would be a bit too sour for her. It’s been messy though - particularly with her raspberries and self-feeding!

We’ve also tried some more solid foods, some with more success than others - she likes broccoli florets, if she gets them the right way round, and gums them into smitherines.

Mango at the picnic Yoghurt…yummy A piece of apple