British Gas Website Regression

2 November 2007

I had an e-mail from British Gas today telling me that my bill is now ready to view online on their website. We use their paperless billing to reduce the junk that comes through the front door, but last time I went to their website (probably about 3 months ago when I got the previous bill) they’d move to a new ‘improved’ site:

new, improved?

However, their website now only allows me to see one of my 2 accounts (2 - I thought I only had one as a dual-fuel customer!) So if I want to manage my Gas and Electricity online I have to use 2 seperate e-mail addresses. I’ve phoned them up twice to ask about this and neither time could they tell me when it will be fixed. At least this time they said I could have the paper bills for free until it’s sorted. Aparently each of the accounts is related to a unique customer id which is used by the website, so I guess to them I’m 2 seperate people, sharing a name, house, and dual-fuel discount. What an odd system!