Adventures with Abi

7 July 2007

Abi seems to doing so much more everyday at the moment, it’s been wonderful watching her developments and seeing her different adventures. The other morning she cleaned her teeth with me after having her face washed. She’s so sweet with her little toothbrush - not that there’s any teeth there to clean yet. Yesterday and today she’s taken to reaching up to the edge of the desk or the table on tip toes and almost hanging off it with her little fingers. Yet another set of things that need to be moved out of reach!

Today I went with her and Laura to Baby Gym, and it was really nice to see the sort of things they have there and how Abi plays with everything. Today they had feathers out and initally Abi was happy playing with the 3 that we had near her - but then she saw the box that they came from and crawled over to play with it. She emptied all the feathers out of the box onto the mat and then played with the box :). She also liked playing with the balls and rings that they had and she climbed up a 5 step staircase and went forwards (almost head over heels) down the slope the other side. It’s also nice to see her interact with other kids. At one point after all the toys had been put away her and the other girl that was there seemed to be looking at each other and started crawling towards each other, only to go straight past each other to their parents. It was all lots of fun!