2006 - Year of Change!

5 January 2007

2006 has been quite a year for us - lots and lots has happened and changed. Laura has done a great summary of her highs and lows for the year, and here’s my year…

New Baby

In February, whilst away for the weekend we found out that Laura was pregnant. This was great news, as we’d been praying for a baby. On my birthday, we felt Abi kick for the first time which was incredible, as was seeing her moving about on the scan pictures (no wonder she’s so active now!). In October after <a href=“http://samespirit.net/ricky/news/242/"quite a long early labour at 9pm on the 8th, Abigail was born and it’s been an amazing journey ever since. It’s just incredible watching her grow and develop!

New House

For a while, we’d been hoping to move to somewhere with a bit more space, but with the imminent arrival, this became more urgent. After having the flat up for sale for a long time we thought we had found a buyer, so we set things moving on buying our new house. Unfortunately they pulled out part way into the process so we were left in an awkward position for a while - but thankfully my parents bought the flat from us to enable us to get moving quicker ready for the baby. So in May we moved to our new house. Since then there’s been all sorts of bits we’ve done with it - decorating, changing the toilet and preparing the nursery.

New Church

Also this year we’ve starting going to Paulsgrove Baptist Church - which has been brilliant for us. We’ve joined a life group and feel really at home there.

New Job

Back in June, I moved jobs within the same department at work. Previously I had been working in the DB2 team, and I moved to a role as an Application Developer. This is much more of the sort of work I enjoy and had wanted to do, working on LAMP based Web Applications. *[LAMP ]: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl