We've moved!

22 June 2006

It’s now almost a month since we moved house, but I’ve been meaning to blog about our hectic week as we moved for a while! We completed fairly late on the Friday, and booked the removals for the Wednesday in order to give us time to get the bits and pieces done that we wanted to sort out before we moved in.

The first thing that we had planned was for someone to come in and check for woodworm, as that had come up on the survey, so we’d booked them in Friday afternoon thinking that if we’d completed at lunchtime we’d have the keys in plenty of time - as it was it was quite tight for time, but worked out ok. Unfortunately though they found traces of woodworm, so we needed to get it treated and they wouldn’t have been able to do it in time - so we booked another company to come and do it on the Tuesday morning. We’d decided that we would need to clean the carpets before moving our stuff in and reserved the carpet cleaner for Monday (also when NTL were coming to install the phone and broadband).

Over the weekend we did the bits of work that needed doing with help from my parents who were really helpful, and my Mum stayed on till Wednesday to help us finish the packing and other bits and pieces. On the Monday Mum and I picked up the carpet cleaner and got started at cleaning the carpet, starting with where the wardrobe would go so as it would be dry first (or so we thought) - turned out that we got it a lot wetter as we were learning to use the cleaner so it needed help to dry. We then had to take up the bedroom carpet ready for the woodworm people who were coming the next morning and in taking it up we discovered that we would have to replace the underlay as well as it was falling to pieces.

On Tuesday, the woodworm people came as planned and we left the windows open to let the floorboards dry from the treatment while we returned to the flat to pack - only by the evening was it dry enough to put the carpets back down for them to finish drying for the removals the next morning.