Well that was an exciting nappy change...

18 October 2006

Firstly I’ll set the scene, earlier in the evening we’d given Abigail a bath, and Laura had fed her, and since then she’d been sleeping. After we’d finished watching TV Laura was ready to feed her again before we went up to bed. Well when I say ready I mean dripping milk! Abi was still sleeping, and I noticed that she was a bit smelly, so I decided to change her to wake her up a bit so she was ready to catch the milk.

Ok, so I’d took Abigail’s nappy off and got ready to clean her up, when she decided to wee all over the changing mat. Fortunately I’m used to this now and managed to catch it with kitchen roll before it got onto her clothes. However just as I was cleaning up the wee, something new happened that I’d not had before … explosive poo. The poo just squirted from Abi’s bottom across the changing mat, off the changing mat, onto my trousers and also onto the bag of cotton wool sitting on Laura’s nursing chair (good job the bag was there!).