CSS and XHTML Workshop

10 December 2006

This week I spent the first night away from Laura and Abi, since Abi was born. I went up to London for the Carson Workshops In Depth CSS XHTML Techniques by Eric Meyer. I was quite nervous beforehand - as well as being away, the first day of the course was also when Abi had her first set of immunisations.

I’m glad I went as the workshop was brilliant. It was run in a very interactive way with Eric encouraging questions throughout. He only used slides for setting the scene for the 2 days, and the rest of the time was spent looking at source code and how it appeared in a web browser. We covered quite a few things that I’d already seen before, but there were lots of bits and pieces that were different or I hadn’t done before. The main thing that got me thinking was to first think about the document source order and the best markup to describe the content, without thinking about the design. I’ve done a bit of this before, but always wanted to get onto adding the design, so probably rushed this stage more than I possibly should have - and resulted in a lot more divs and classes in my document source than was necessary!

The other thing that was good about the course for me was the opportunity to meet people