Trip to France

11 September 2005

When we got there, we started off by heading into Le Havre for breakfast, and found a little cafe along the seafront where we had croissant and coffee. We then headed back into town to have a look round but unfortunatly it seemed to be mostly closed at that time in the morning and then it started raining. We headed back to the car (particularly thankful that we’d got it with us) and looked at the map to decide what to do. We then headed to a supermarket so we could dry off and sort something out for lunch - which we ended up having there. In the afternoon we headed across to Rouens which was a lovely place to look round and would be nice to explore a bit more another time - hopefully when it’s not raining at all!. In the evening it brightened up though - so we headed up to Etretat and had a picnic overlooking the beach