Travelling to Sandnes, Norway

29 July 2005

We left Shepton Mallett early in the morning as we had to get up to Heathrow 2 hours before our flight at 10. We had quite a good drive up and there wasn’t too much traffic. We dropped the car off at the airport parking and were taken by minibus to the airport. Check in was amazingly quick and easy with the e-tickets and we could do it all ourselves on the machine (apart from it failed to print the baggage label for some reason - but it was still quicker than queuing). As we were waiting we heard some other people talking about a Wedding, but didn’t realise until we got to Stavanger just how many there were on the same flight going to the same wedding!

We checked into the hotel, which was a really nice balance between modern and traditional. It even had it’s own bakery and coffee bean roaster. We had a fresh orange juice at the bar and were suddenly hit by how expensive things in Norway are as it cost us about £8 for the two drinks. We then went for a look round the town to see what food we could find for lunch and to see where the church was. Sandnes itself seemed very laid back and pleasant and it was easy to find the church, although for finding food we initially went the wrong way for find supermarkets but eventually we came across the shopping centre and supermarket.