Thunderbird Extensions

5 January 2005

Following on from my list of firefox extensions, here’s my list of Thunderbird extensions:

Minimize to Tray

Changes the minimise in Thunderbird to send it to the system tray and still check your e-mail in the background.

Contact Sidebar

Adds a list of your contacts below the folder pane

Message Faces

Show Face headers in e-mails and news groups

Quote Collapse

Makes quotes in e-mail and news messages collapsable to save space

Quote Colours

Makes quotes in e-mail and news messages appear in different colours (I used to do this with userContent.css, but this is easier)


Adds extra buttons to Thunderbird including change SMTP server which I use a lot

View Headers

Adds an extra button to Thunderbird to toggle the viewing of headers

About Config

Restores about:config to Thunderbird so you can access the advanced configuration

Mail Redirect

Lets you bounce e-mail with the original headers

Also you can see which search plugins I use.