Puncture on the motorway

14 January 2005

Last night on the way home from work coming through the roadworks on the M27, I pulled across into the fast lane, and suddenly the car started making funny noises coming from the front drivers side wheel. It gradually got louder, so I slowed down and pulled into a gap in the cones into the area coned off for the roadworks. I got out the car and realised that I had a flat tyre. So I phoned Laura to explain and see if she knew who I needed to phone to make use of the ‘free recovery zone’ for the roadworks. I then tried the AA, and was sat in a queue for quite a while until I realised - “I’ve got a spare tyre - I can change it myself” - duh! So I got on with changing the tyre and just as I’d finished changing the tyre and phoned Laura to let her know that I’d sorted it and was about to head home, a truck with it’s orange lights flashing pulled up in the roadworks section on the other side of the road - I explained to him what had happened and he told me the best way to rejoin the traffic. The car seemed to be driving strangely after changing the wheel, so I took it slowly and then took it into Kwikfit today and got it sorted.