Moving House - Chapter One

19 July 2005

Firstly we started to look at possible property to buy just to see what we could get and where - mainly on rightmove, but we also arranged a viewing. After the viewing, we both liked the house so decided we should start looking at things more seriously.

Then we spoke to a few of estate agents and a mortgage advisor - to see what the possibilities for the flat were. We looked at both selling the flat and letting it out again, but in the end we decided that we couldn’t really afford to keep the flat to let out and buy a new house. Both of the estate agents we spoke to about selling the flat valued it at the same amount, but one of them charged more commision than the other (also conveniently the one that charged the lower commision seemed more trustworhty). So finally we decided to put the flat on the market with Cubitt and West. (If you’re interested it’s on rightmove)

In the mean time while we were looking at the options, the first house we’d seen was sold, so we continued to look around and see what else we could find. In all We’ve probably looked at about 10 different houses in various places around Eastleigh, Chandlers Ford and Southampton. With the first house, I had also contacted our existing mortgage lender to see what we could do for a mortgage with them, and they’d agreed to lend the amount we needed and sent me an application form - so we were in a good place as far as the finance was concerned too.

Last week the house we’d originally looked at came back on the market, but at the same time the tenants moved out of another house in the same road, which I’d tried to go and see before, but the estate agent hadn’t managed to get in as the tenants were out. This time we got in no problem and the house was really nice. It was a very similar house to the first one, but in much better condition throughout. So we decided to go back together at the weekend to have another look. On Saturday, we went up there together and both really liked the house, so decided that we’d put an offer in on Monday. So over the weekend we got the mortgage application sent off, so that everything will be in place ready.

Yesterday we put in our first offer which was declined, but then tried with an in between price which was accepted, and the owner has agreed to take the house off the market for a couple of weeks to give us a chance to sell our flat!