First time at New Wine

28 July 2005

This year we went to New Wine for the first time as we were invited to go and help man the SAMS stand in the marketplace there. We went up to Bath and West on the Friday before things started in order to get the tent up and meet up with Richard. It was surprising how many people there were there already especially as it was only exhibitors and people working there at that point.

We had a good week there despite the weather (lots of rain and towards the end of the week high winds, not the best when you’re camping but we survived). My particular favourites were the morning series on Ezekiel (which have prompted me to read through the book fully) and the evening talks in ‘Venue 2’ by Matt Redman and David & Carrie Grant.

I also enjoyed the manning of the stand much more than I had anticipated, as it was interesting speaking to the different people who came to the stand and watching our neighbours stand grow as they added more balloons to it throughout the week. Although unfortunatley we missed their balloon stomp on the Friday as we had to leave for Norway.