3 Year Anniversary

8 September 2005

It’s our anniversary! - The last 3 years have past quickly in some ways, but it also seems like we’ve been together forever! As 3 years is supposed to be leather and Laura had been wanting some boots I decided that I’d get her them as an anniversary present, but when I went to get them I found it would be much easier to go there together and get them after our anniversary. (The boots she got in the end weren’t leather, but they’re lovely and warm!).

We were going to go away for the weekend up to Essex to see what else we could find for our family history research, but as there was no space in the B&Bs that we phoned, I decided to look to see where else we could go for an anniversary break. In the end we decided to go to France on a special deal that P&O were running that meant we could travel out overnight on Friday, come back on the overnight ferry on Saturday, take the car and have a cabin each way for only £49 (about the price of 1 night in the B&B!) so thats what we did!