Water in the petrol

28 November 2004

On Bonfire night before we went up to Portsdown hill to watch the fireworks, we filled up the car at the BP petrol station opposite All Saints church. The car was initially fine, then on Saturday it started making a loud squealing noise, which we thought was a problem with one of the belts. By Monday I’d planned to take the car to the garage, however the car wouldn’t start at all, so I assumed that the battery had been worn down, so borrowed a battery charger and left it charging. However even with doing this, the car wouldn’t start, so later in the week Ben towed me round to the garage. When the garage had a look, they discovered that the problem had been caused by the petrol tank containing water, so they would have to remove the tank and the fuel lines, drain them and clean and dry them thoroughly. The only place I can think of where this could have come from was when I filled it up, which apparently does occasionally happen (as I found out from the garage, from BP and from trading standards). So I contacted BP about it and after conducting an ‘investigation’ they said that it was highly unlikely that it came from there tanks. It’s a mystery where it came from then!