Travelling back to Mendoza

12 January 2004

Left Santiago at13.00 - The bus journey was good, but annoyingly they decided to close the curtains and shut out the view in order to watch ‘die another day’ with sound going on and off!! We arrived in Mendoza in the evening and it was raining. Got to the hostel we’d booked, and discovered that our’ double room’ was a converted bathroom with 2 bunk beds in that we had to go across a courtyard to get to! It was very hot and stuffy. We decided to leave our stuff, and head out to get some food - but the rain was too much so we left it a bit while we checked our e-mail. A bit later the rain had stopped, and we found a nice looking little cafe where we could eat. I had a chicken breast with vegetables (sweet potato, zapallo, carrot & potato) which was really nice and Laura had a salad - We swapped a bit of each and also shared a bottle of Mendozian wine. For desert I had a lovely almond ice cream with bits of almond on it, and Laura had lemon ice cream.