Puerto Iguazu

20 March 2004

Laura at Argentinian post Having a lazier day today, caught the bus out to 3 frontiers, where you can see three posts coloured to match the flags of the three countries on the banks of the rivers in the respective countries. On the way back we went to a Orquidario which my parents had seen a sign for before when they were staying at the hotel up the road. There there were loads of local plants and birds including someof the ‘air plants’ that grow on tree bark. The lady there also told us about the garden of Hummingbirds, which was another hidden beauty. So after lunch, we headed up there - it was a family garden, but they’d arranged it so as it attracts hummingbirds. There must have been hundreds of hummingbirds come and go in the time we were there. It’s well worth a visit if you’re ever in the area. In the evening we went back (with Mum & Dad this time) to the ‘Corner Restaurant’ for the buffet.