Miuerhi = Moorhouse?

5 March 2004

The other day we had some sheets washed at the Lavadero (Launderette), and they will deliver them to you once they’ve been washed and dried. When I dropped the sheets off, they took my name - which I said and then spelt for them, but the lady there stopped me before I’d finished. On Wednesday, they delivered them and I had a bit of a chat with the deliverey guy, who was intrigued as to where we were from because of an unusual surname, which I thought nothing of, as it is unusual for Uruguay. He asked us if we are from far away, and whether we are Mormons, as there are lots of Mormons here and it’s a usual assumption for foreigners.

Anyway - yesterday I saw the slip on the washing where the surname had been written: “Miuerhi” - even more unusual, they probably thought we were from the far east or something!