Latest Itinerary

2 January 2004

We now know a little bit more and actually a little bit less about our itinerary. After we arrive in Buenos Aires, we’ll meet up with the others and then head to Jorge’s friends house. We didn’t manage to get on the direct bus from Buenos Aires to Santiago, so we don’t have return tickets and are going on the way via Mendoza - so we’ll leave Buenos Aires at 18.30 and arrive in Mendoza at 09.00. Then in the afternoon we’d get the 13.30 bus to Santiago. (Well something like that anyway!!) Don’t know what time we’ll arrive at the church now with this transport! The return journey is down to us - we’ll have to sort it out in Santiago at some point!!! For what we’re doing when we’re there - you’re best to look at Laura’s Blog , cos she’s got a lovely entrywith the programme translated! If you want to follow our route on the map, it may be right, or it may not, but it’ll definitely have photos when we get back! Here’s a site I found useful for city maps of the various places.