Jesus at the Wedding

18 January 2004

First Sunday service back in Salto, and it turns out that we’re going to be looking at John’s gospel in the Sunday services -which is cool especially after having looked at it in depth on the camp. The passage was Jesus at the Wedding in Cana, which Gilberto had previously referred to as showing that Mary was needed to start Jesus’ ministry - “If she hadn’t involved him here…”. However the sermon sounded quite good - no particular focus on Mary and no mention of the above - so it’s promising! One thing I noticed that was particularly interesting to me, was that Mary is only referred to in John’s gospel as “Jesus’ mother” or similar - never by name - in the same way as he doesn’t refer to himself by name. They are both only referred to in reference to Jesus, there only importance is how they are related to Jesus - The only importance we have is our relation to Jesus.