It's my birthday!

5 May 2004

Well I’m now 23! It’s a bit strange having my birthday in autumn instead of spring, but it’s quite nice! I love the autumn colours, and it’s also great to see a different place in autumn. Unfortunatly, it’s been very cloudy these last few days though, so I missed getting a photo of the yellow leaves against the blue sky, but this should do for now! It was a really nice birthday, although any post from England still hasn’t got here - so it’ll be a long birthday :). In the morning I opened my presents from Laura - she got me Lee Strobel’s A Case for Christ, Love Actually on DVD, a pen, notebook, some sweets and later on in the day, a scarf. We then went out to a restaurant that we’d not tried before - we both had Chicken with salad, and didn’t know what to expect. The salad turned out to be a sort of apple and cheese coleslaw and was really tasty.

Then in the evening I had a small joint birthday party with Alba with a few people from the church which was lovely. It’s the most fun I’d ever seen with re-lighting candles (that Laura had got for the cake!), as no-one there had seen them before :D.