Itaipu Dam and on to Cascaval

23 March 2004

We planned to go to the [Itaipu Dam], but spent too long thinking about it and getting ready before realising that they had set times for the tours - 8, 9, 10, 2 and 3. We checked out of the [Carima Hotel] and found that they charged us 19 real for the buffet instead of 14 as it said in the brochure in the room. When we questioned it, they didn’t seem to care that the brochure was wrong but that the price was 19 no matter what. Also some how they manage to run the hotel without a manager on Tuesdays! After checking out, we went to the supermarket and then on to have lunch near the dam before waiting for it to open. After lunch, we went on the free tour of the [Itaipu Dam] - which was well worth going on, it’s an incredible size construction, and interesting to hear about the building of it. After we’d finished the tour, we headed upto Cascavel where we were to stay the next 2 nights at the Deville Express Hotel there. We checked in and then headed into the town, which was much bigger than we’d expected - We thought it was a small town, but it was more like a city. We had dinner at McDonalds (I had a Salad and grape juice - which was lovely although different to the salads in Chile or Argentina.) and then drove down the main street. The main street is curvy all the way through the shopping areas, presumably as some sort of traffic calming, which was different. After this, we headed back to the hotel and found the entrance and front car park full of football fans and security guards outside the entrance to the annex where the rooms are. I guess the team were staying there or something.