Ikea Sofa - 45 days and counting!

1 September 2004

Well we ordered our [Ikea] [Fågelbo Sofa] on the 18th July, and received it initially when we expected - 2nd August, although instead of being in 2 parts and us just having to put it together like they told us would be the case, it was in three seperate packages and we had to put the backs on each part and join it together. After a while trying to understand the diagrams (no text on the instructions of course!) we got the first half together and then found that for the second half the bolts seemed to have a different thread to the holes for them. After phoning Ikea, and waiting a couple of days for a ‘product specialist’ from the store to get back to me I was told to try hitting them with a hammer to get them in as thats what they do in the store, or they could get someone to come out (which would take 7-10 days), I decided to try it and got them a bit further, but then they got stuck. Next step - get someone to come out. The upholsterer came out, was shocked at the advice we’d been given, put screws in to hold it temporarily and said he’d need some parts, we then had to wait 7-10 days for them to arrange this. When they phoned us back it turned out they couldn’t get the parts, so we had two options: a discount (of 10%) or a replacement. We chose the replacement which took another 7-10 days, and arrived yesterday without the bolts to fit the replacement parts together - Aparently it will take another 7-10 days for them to find and ship out a packet of bolts for us…

I wonder how long it will take before it fits together properly?