Iguazu Falls (Brazilian Side)

22 March 2004

Today we planned to go to the falls in the morning and then see how much there was there and decide the rest of the day based on that, however we found out that the park is closed on Monday mornings. We investigated the prices of helicopter rides over the falls, and found that it was too expensive, so that ruled that one out. Instead we decided to go to the bird park where they have lots of birds both native to the area and not. The leaflets say “birds in their natural habitat without the restriction of netting and cages.” However a lot of the birds are in fairly small cages. It is well worth a visit though as there are also huge aviaries where you can go inside and see the birds close up. It was really great to be able to see the toucans, and amazing how close they would come to you - They look like cuddly toys with a very furry looking body and amazingly blue eyes. Once we’d finished there, we had some lunch in the cafe and headed on to the falls. It was nice to see the falls again from a different angle, although there wasn’t much more there. The views were good though, and a couple of coyotes strayed onto the paths around. Annoyingly though (as at the bird park) people were ignoring the signs and petting them.