Firefox Extensions

1 November 2004

I’ve been thinking of putting a list of the firefox extensions I use on my blog for a while, and then Dean listed the extensions he finds useful and asked what anyone else was using - so I decided I should post it! So here is my list of firefox extensions:

All in one gestures

Extension that helps you to navigate the web just using the mouse - includes mouse gestures and extra wheel navigation

Web Developer Extension

Very useful extension with lots of CSS tools and tricks which is especially useful for designing and testing webpages


Sidebar RSS Reader for Firefox


Changes the live bookmarks icon to add RSS feeds to Sage

IE View

Useful for testing pages to check that they work both in IE and Firefox, also for the pages that are designed not to work in Firefox.

Link Toolbar

Site navigation toolbar - useful for navigating blogs and forums - provides buttons for next and previous pages (and other related pages - but I use next and previous most)


Extension to open the bookmarks dialog with the full tree automatically


Useful extension to check what colour things are! - Can pick up colours from pictures and webpages and copy them to the clipboard in different formats


Automatically fills in forms - like the same feature from the google bar

Bookmarks Synchronizer

Backs up a copy of my bookmarks to my website


For taking notes and recording websites

HTML Validator

For checking website source code


Adds a sidebar of document structure


Adds a status bar icon to show if the current page has geographic information

PDF Download

Gives and option on clicking a PDF link whether to download or view in the browser.

All In One Sidebar

Adds a toolbar of sidebar options

Also you can see which search plugins I use.