Escuelita - Pentecost

31 May 2004

Yesterday I looked at Pentecost with the kids - firstly I asked them “what day is it tomorrow?” and got answers such as Palm Sunday, or Day of selling ‘Pasteles’! When I told them it was Pentecost, only one of them could say it and had to teach the others - despite most of them having been in the church for at least 2 years! We went on to look at Acts 2:1-13 and talked about what had happened - which went well. Then I asked them who the Holy Spirit is - to which the first answer was God, which I was pleased with. We then followed on by looking at John 16 - where Jesus told the disciples of the work of the Spirit. In the end they seemed to have a good understanding of the basics about Pentecost - we’ll see next week how much they remember. At the end we finished off by doing pictures of Pentecost using tissue paper as tongues of fire.