Escuelita and Icons of Uruguay

17 April 2004

This morning at Escuelita some of the kids were terribly behaved! It’s been a long time since they have been, but I guess this week with it having rained a lot, and there being a lot more kids there it probably made quite a difference. We were looking at the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal, and how they had a contest to prove which god was real. They each prepared a bull to sacrifice and then put it on the altar and prayed. After the prophets of Baal had been praying for a day, nothing happened. When Elijah set up his altar to the Lord, they tipped water on it, and then he called out to the Lord. The Lord answered by fire, and the sacrifice, wood, stones and soil were burnt up.

With the kids, we’d cut out hills, rocks and flames from paper for them each to make their own picture of the altar of the Lord.

Also today I’ve created some more icons to add to my portfolio pages - Symbols of Uruguay, currently there are only four as you can see below, but I’ll probably make some more later.