Christian bookshop, Mothers of the plaza & Lord of the rings

15 January 2004

Left the hotel in the morning, fortunately we could leave the bag there, so we didn’t have to carry it round all day. We went to find one of the Christian bookshops, and got some cool books which should help us with the youth group. Then we had lunch at McDonalds - one of there cool salads again, this time to share with 2 chicken breasts - Was lovely. It then looked as if it was going to rain, so we headed back to pick up our bag, as the hotel was a few blocks from the tube. We then went to the Plaza de Mayo and watched the Mothers of the plaza parade in there protest about the lack of information about the people who were ‘disappeared’. After this we had a coffee and watched Lord of the Rings part 3 before heading to the bus station to get our bus home at 23.00