Changing Flights

2 June 2004

Yesterday I rang up American Airlines to find out if we could change the route of our flight or not, and they got so far with it, even found all the details for our tickets on their computer and then decided that they needed to see the actual tickets! So I asked if fax would be acceptable, but no, so here I am in Montevideo. The plan is to post some of our stuff back home from here too as it should be more reliable. Hopefully we’ll be able to change the route of our flights to go back via Sao Paulo instead of Miami, as that would be a much shorter route, and wouldn’t have to spend as long waiting around. Just have to see what they say today, and how much they want to charge me for it. Although looking on their website, the other route looked cheaper than the route we’ve currently got tickets for - so hopefully that means we should be able to do it :)