Changing flights II

3 June 2004

So I arrived in Montevideo at 6.30 on the overnight bus from Salto, to go to the American Airlines office where I thought it would be just a case of them telling me the options and prices for them, and me selecting the one we wanted. I was wrong! I got to the office, and showed the lady in there the tickets, and she looked them up on the computer. Aparently there wasn’t anything to tell her whether or not I could change the route, it just said I could change the dates for free - If I wanted to do anything else I had to speak to the original travel agent (in England), and get them to get the airline office in London to put the details on the computer system! So I went to an internet cafe and phoned our travel agent (Key Travel), who took a few details from me, and then said “you’re a purple, I’m going to have to transfer you” - whatever that meant! Once she found that the other department was busy, so decided to try and help me herself, so I found out that we couldn’t change the route - so what would have been the point of transfering me? In the end I got the dates changed so we don’t have a stopover in Miami anymore, so that we can get through Miami before it gets too close to 4 July.