10 May 2004

Today I took the Catechesis for the first time on my own, which was quite nerve-racking, but once I started it was quite enjoyable. I started off by looking a bit at Communion - what it is, why we celebrate it, what it meant to each of them and why they want to take communion. It was interesting to hear their opinions and ideas. One of the reasons for taking communion I was given was “so I can go to youth group”. After a brief discussion on these things, we went on to have a look what the Paul had written regarding the Lord’s supper in 1 Corinthians 11:17-29, which was useful to get the point across to them that it was something serious.

After this we went on to the week’s planned study which was on Luke 1:26-56 when the angel came to Mary to foretell Jesus’ birth. At this point a lot of them got distracted by what was going on in the other room with the younger kids making cards for Mothers day, probably because it had been quite a strenuous study anyway - well something to learn from for next time.